Sliding doors framed in style with Brooklyn

Available in a sophisticated matte black finish, the CRL Brooklyn frame system brings style and timeless elegance to sliding glass door partitioning for domestic and commercial use. In the domestic setting, CRL Brooklyn taps into the move towards open-plan living,... View Article

New product: Recessed Stair Nosing

Quantum Flooring Solutions is excited to announce the launch of its new recessed heavy duty stair nosing. This high performance profile has been developed to be fitted on staircases for commercial and public buildings where a recessed stair nosing is required.... View Article

State of the art(efact) ventilation blends new and old

When the Natural History Museum decided to replace its famous ‘Dippy’ the diplodocus exhibit with a new star exhibit – a real-life skeleton of a blue whale – design & engineering expertise from Lancashire provided a solution to balance all... View Article

CaberWood MDF and SterlingOSB Zero, the popular choice for furniture

Consistency and quality are essential attributes of materials used in producing high volumes of domestic and commercial furniture. Add to this the need for materials and processes to be sustainable and, unsurprisingly, West Fraser’s CaberWood MDF  and SterlingOSB Zero are among the most popular... View Article

We are Dolphin

Grounded on the core values of care, quality, integrity, and enthusiasm, Dolphin Solutions takes pride in spearheading the commercial washroom solutions industry since 1999. With its expansive selection of innovative washroom products and accessories, Dolphin has earned a growing list... View Article

Tiling in swimming pools

Find out all you need to know about specifying the correct products for tiling in swimming pools to avoid installation failure. The design of swimming pools varies greatly depending on the intended use: from competition pools which must be rectangular,... View Article

Resiblock release Porcelain Paving Sealer!

Resiblock are delighted to announce the release of the newest addition to the Resiblock Sealing Family: RESIBLOCK PORCELAIN & VITRIFIED PAVING SEALER!! We know that Porcelain and Vitrified Paving are simply beautiful. Requires minimal maintenance by the way of reduced... View Article

Designer Contract’s stockholding success

At Designer Contracts, our strategy has always been to invest heavily in significant stockholding levels. As a result of recent supply chain issues, Designer Contracts took the decision to significantly increase stockholding which is currently at £2.75m. It is important... View Article

Reginox hails the Hudson a huge success 

With all the extra time spent at home, consumers are increasingly turning their attention on improving their homes. With kitchens being the room where people spend the most time – it’s clear to see that it’s the number one choice... View Article

Twinfix at Manchester Central Mosque

Manchester Central Mosque located in the Victoria Park district of Manchester began as two adjacent houses, then in 1971, the two houses were demolished, and a “new look” Mosque took its current form. Several expansions and modifications have taken place... View Article