Encasement’s versatile pipe boxing and casings

Encasement pipe boxing and casings have been used for more than 15 years to conceal interior and exterior pipework in a range of social housing projects across the UK, from fire sprinkler installations and heating system upgrades to low carbon solutions, including... View Article

Vicaima Fire Doors: Safety and Innovation in harmony

In the realm of fire safety, Vicaima has established itself as a leading manufacturer of fire doors, setting new standards in the industry. With a commitment to quality and performance, Vicaima has consistently demonstrated its ability to produce fire doors... View Article

Design & aesthetics in hardened wood flooring

with Emanuel Lidberg In association with Bjelin, James Parker speaks to Emanuel Lidberg, head of design at Bjelin’s sister company, Välinge Innovation. In a very entertaining discussion with the timber flooring design specialist, James discovers why keeping up with fleeting... View Article

We need to look at lifespans, not one-use buildings

Across millennia, buildings have been altered to meet changing needs. Recent centuries have seen Georgian and Victorian houses become highly sought-after for their flexibility, enduring character and build quality. The potential of old factory and mill buildings has also been... View Article

SFS Highfix handles challenges of PV install on low pitch roofs

SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd has drawn on its expertise in the field of fall protection to offer specifiers a foolproof and cost-effective solution to mounting photo-voltaic (PV) systems on flat or low-pitched roofs.  Importantly the Highfix product not only features the... View Article

Compelling reasons to encourage retrofit first

David Connacher, Marketing Manager at West Fraser, discusses the immediate need to retrofit our buildings to make them energy efficient and sustainable. The need to retrofit our buildings through improvements that make them energy efficient and sustainable into the future... View Article

Case Study – Type A and Type C Waterproofing

Overview The scope of the project was to facilitate a combined waterproofing solution. For any structure below ground, either fully or partially, waterproofing is essential for protecting and preserving integrity. BS 8102:2022 defines the three main methods of waterproofing protection... View Article

AKW’s extended Onyx range combines style and safety

Accessible showering never looked so good, thanks to the introduction of AKW’s extended range of Onyx products. The range now includes updated level access shower trays and ramps, grab rails and shower seats, alongside the cleverly integrated mixer shower and... View Article

Back to nature with Keller

The new Nature’s Choice kitchen for Keller (pictured) is an elegant, industrial scheme which highlights natural tones and textures. There is a clever interplay between the lines of okapi wood and vibrant cactus green. Pictured are melamine-fronted Bolton doors in Cactus... View Article

Horne partners with NBS

Horne Engineering is delighted to announce its Manufacturer Partnership with NBS, the leading platform that is revolutionising the way construction products are selected and specified. This collaboration aims to provide architects, engineers, and other specifiers with easy access to detailed,... View Article

Athletic stadium win for HMG Paints

The UKs largest independent paint company HMG Paints deserves a lap of honour after a suite of its products were used to refurbish a rusting spectators stand at Plymouth athletic stadium. Rabart Decorators Centres worked with HMG Paints to provide... View Article