Project One, Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm

Project One is the first development proposed within the Hornsea Zone. Project One will constitute up to three offshore wind generating stations with a total capacity of up to 1,200 MW and will include all offshore and onshore infrastructure.

The DCO for Project One authorises the construction and operation of up to 332 wind turbines, up to two offshore accommodation platforms, up to five offshore HVAC collector substations, up to two offshore HVDC converter stations, an offshore HVAC reactive compensation substation, subsea inter-array electrical circuits, a marine connection to the shore approximately 150 km in length, a foreshore connection and from the proposed landfall point at Horseshoe Point, onshore cables which will connect the offshore wind farms to the onshore electrical transmission station and the connection from there to National Grid’s existing substation at North Killingholme, a distance of approximately 40 km.

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