Expedia European HQ, London

The brief was to relocate travel giant Expedia to a new 80,000 sq ft London and European HQ in the Angel Building in Islington, allowing space for expansion and encouraging creativity and collaboration, as well as ensuring staff retention in spite of a move from central London.

The concept Genius Loci (spirit of place) led to a colourful, vibrant office that captures the excitement, anticipation and adventure of travel. Seventeen meeting rooms, each named after and inspired by a particular destination, form new creative hubs, which revolve around a central collaborative marketplace area. Early staff involvement in the project ensured that the workforce connected with the scheme from the outset, instilling a sense of pride and ownership in the new space.

Additional new space allowed Expedia to double their staff within a 12-month period and provided staff with a bright and attractive environment in which to work.

Project Location