Why use a breathable paint?

Paint breathability measures how air and water vapour flows through its surface. Older properties were built using materials that were designed to promote this airflow.

Using paint with a high level of breathability, with breathable building materials, avoids moisture being ‘trapped’ beneath the surface of the paint. Trapped moisture can lead to damp walls, causing the paint to bubble, peel and eventually blow completely. It can also contribute to a harmful living environment.

Earthborn Claypaint is a highly breathable paint, perfect for walls and ceilings where breathability is key. It’s thick and creamy with a high clay content, offering excellent coverage, no nasty paint smells and a number of eco properties.

There are two methods used to objectively measure breathability – the SD value and the MVTR value. Using either method, Claypaint is proven to have extremely high levels of breathability. More information on this topic can be found in the blog on the Earthborn website.

Ease of use, high covering power and lack of harmful emissions make Claypaint an ideal option to optimise breathability for any building.

Earthborn’s new colour card showing all 72 colours in the classic range is now available and100% recyclable, including the adhesive and the paint chips that use real Claypaint.