Viega launches new colour options for the award-winning Advantix Cleviva

Viega has expanded its Advantix Cleviva range of shower channels with four new on trend colours. The award-winning shower channels for floor level installations are now available in anthracite, gold, copper-gold and champagne alongside the classic stainless steel finish.

The colours provide bold new design options, from high contrast effects to introducing warm, luxury tones into any bathroom. The innovative Advantix Cleviva offers true design freedom and excellent drainage performance. It is available in four sleek versions: with single or double slot inlets and the choice of rectangular or rounded openings.

Advantix Cleviva features a subtle built-in incline for effective and reliable movement of water to the single point drain in the centre of the channel’s length. It can be installed flush against the wall, in the centre of the shower or anywhere within the tiled area. It is also designed for simple cleaning, has an easy to remove inlay and is continuously self-cleaning due to the way the water flows through it.

The Advantix Cleviva shower channel is available in standard lengths of 800, 1000 and 1,200 mm, but can be easily adapted to any length down to 300 mm or extended by utilising multiple shower channels in series. Advantix Cleviva can be installed as a simple straight channel or used to create a L- or U-shape to frame the shower area. Alongside the standard drain for construction heights of 95 mm or more, there is also a flat drain available with heights starting at 70 mm to make retrofit installations and renovations simple.

Advantix Cleviva has been recently recognised in a number of prestigious design awards, including the globally recognised IF Design Award 2020 and Red Dot Award 2020, as well as the German Design Award 2020.

Scott James, Managing Director at Viega said:

“Our range of high quality bathroom products is continually evolving to meet the latest design trends, but always combined with the levels of performance customers expect. The new colour additions make our popular Advantix Cleviva shower channels even more versatile.”

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