Using colour to give your home wow factor

When choosing colours for your home, it makes sense to go with your instinct and opt for the colours that suit your personality. Colour psychology suggests that our favourite colours define our personality colour – and that these colours can tell us a lot about ourselves. So – what’s YOUR colour personality?

Favourite colour: blues and greens

Blues and greens, the colours of nature, signify harmony and stability and if you are drawn to these colours, you favour serenity and order. People who like blue are generally quite sensitive, while lovers of green are open and loyal.

Favourite colour: red, purple and yellow

On the other side of the scale, vibrant red denotes passion and excitement, purple is generally considered a spiritual colour and yellow is the colour of sunshine and happiness.

Favourite colour: black, white and brown

White means you are organised and logical, those who are drawn to black are usually artistic and sensitive, while people who favour brown are said to be dependable and reliable.

Choosing colours that suit your personality

When choosing colours for your home, it makes sense to go with your instinct and opt for the colours you are naturally drawn to. After all, you want to make each homecoming a pleasant experience.

Cedral’s great range of colours and finishes is a key selling point for our customers and also makes us a favourite with industry professionals. Our facades come in a choice of 21-factory applied colours, two woodstains and a choice of woodgrain or smooth finish, to give you plenty of choices. The shades are factory applied to stay true for years to come – because nobody wants to lower their mood with a fast-fading colour.

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But there are also other elements to consider when choosing your exterior colour – such as your home’s natural environment, the local landscape, colours chosen by your neighbours and how light affects the colour throughout the day.

Read our expert advice on choosing the best cladding colour for more information.

Colour choices: how to make it work

White is a clean and sophisticated choice for any home exterior and works well in every setting. Consider creating an accent wall with a different coloured cladding or adding texture and interest with brickwork detailing – take inspiration from this stunning beach house.

Greys and blues are very contemporary and will appeal to lovers of nature, creating a calming house to come home to. Combine complementary shades of these colours to add interest and texture, like the owners of this striking Scottish home have done.

Those of a passionate nature will be drawn to reds, one of Cedral’s most eye-catching shades, to create a vibrant home with bags of appeal like this house in Apen.

Or showcase your artistic side with dramatic black, a striking way to create a visual impact, as demonstrated by Buckfield House in Suffolk.

See for yourself!

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