SIEGENIA launches new additions to lift & slide hardware range

With a wide range of product innovations for their HS PORTAL range, including a new gear for tall doors and their new SOFT CLOSE and SOFT STOP sash dampers, SIEGENIA continues to focus on design, ease of use and accessibility.

New stop buffer: elegant, discreet, easy to clean
The new bump stop stands for clear design benefits: directly integrated into the guiding rail, it is virtually invisible and gives lift and slide elements an elegant and discreet appearance. This also makes cleaning elements in the bottom profile area considerably easier. As well as timber and timber-aluminium systems, it can also be integrated into the PVC systems Aluplast HST85, Deceuninck HS476, Gealan S9000, Profine Premidoor 76 and 88, Rehau Geneo and Synego, Salamander eD, Schüco LivIngSlide and VekaSlide 82.

280 gear – designed for tall elements
The greatest strength of the new 280 gear is that there is no need for use of an extension in the case of tall elements. To this end, it has been designed so that the gear is compatible with the conventional maximum sizes for PVC elements and the locking point is located near the top corner of the element.

Clever comprehensive package for bogie wheels
SIEGENIA has two new solutions for bogie wheels in their programme. The new centring pieces for the HS 350 bogie wheels, tailor-made for several PVC systems, are now available as optional accessory components. Simply clipped into place, they guarantee the precise seating of the bogie wheels in the sash groove. In this way, they provide reliable protection against shear forces and prevent the slightly inclined position of the bogie wheels that frequently occurs. End users also benefit from the clever component. The precise seating of the bogie wheels means a high degree of smooth-running and ease of use for end users.

SOFT CLOSE and SOFT STOP: ease of use at its best
Moreover, SIEGENIA has expanded the ease of use around the sash damper. Besides the tried and tested SOFT CLOSE, a SOFT STOP is available from the 2nd quarter of 2022. In terms of functionality, it is very similar to SOFT CLOSE and offers an attractive alternative, depending on the specific behaviour of the user. SOFT STOP, together with a new, additional SOFT CLOSE, will be available in an especially sleek design. With their low space requirement especially designed for slim profile systems, both solutions can be integrated into PVC systems without the need for milling on the sash. They are also suitable for use in aluminium lift and slide elements.