PURO Hotel, Lodz

PURO Hotels is a forward-thinking lifestyle hospitality brand that offers guests a contemporary, design- led hotel experience, without compromising on local culture or creativity. Since its inception in Wrocław in 2011, PURO Hotels has changed the hospitality landscape in Poland with unique new hotels in Kraków, Poznań, Gdańsk, Kraków Kazimierz, Łódź and the newest one, in Warsaw.

Nestled in the centre of each city, PURO Hotels draws upon local artistic and culinary inspirations to craft a holistic experience encompassing rest, work and play. PURO Hotels offers discerning guests the most original way to meaningfully explore the culture of their chosen destination. 

The refined interiors, immerse guests in a visual story of stripped-back, urban classic design, across the 130 rooms including 7 suites over 5 floors.

Puro Lodz hosts two distinct gourmet experiences: Biotiful Healthy Snack Lab and Miska Gastro Bowls. Biotiful caters to guest’s wellness with a range of wholesome breakfasts, juices and brews. Guests can relax in the calm café space, or opt for a convenient take-out. In the evening, Miska serves bowls of organic ingredients blended with a touch of Asian tastes. 

The rooftop Spirit Bar overlooks the historic Poznański Palace and gives a gorgeous view. Guests can socialise or simply sit back and enjoy the ambience, as mixologists craft cocktails and DJs spin vinyl. On the same floor, Puro’s Prisma Spa is designed to relax and revitalise guests with its delectable choice of rejuvenating treatments. Whether it’s early-morning exercise or a moment of mindfulness, the accompanying top-floor fitness suite and yoga classes allow guests to energise their body and mind. 

The challenge was to generate a dynamic series of spaces throughout a long narrow plan. The interior design took this challenge as a opportunity and generated a corridor of experiences. The use of floor finishes link these areas in plan and the use of divisions and screens separate the entry, restaurant, lounge workspace and cafe along a lineal route. 

The natural light became an advantage since the buildings main elevation faces a large public forecourt and therefore all the public spaces are outward facing and have a strong connection with the city. This gives the guests a feeling of lightness and openness unfounded in most hotel designs and creates a informality the client desired. Operationally this works well as the hotel staff have visual connection throughout the public spaces. 

The reception is located towards the back of the hotel allowing the guest to experience the ground floor public space before even reaching the Reception. They should feel comfortable and relaxed before reaching the check-in. 

All the public areas on the first and fifth floor are again placed along the forecourt facade to take advantage of the views and light, with 80% of the bedrooms doing the same. Rooms are considered to be redefining simplicity in a minimal spacial environment with the views again taking priority. 

Altogether, the chic interior encourages a seamless sense of sophistication that finds a fitting home in the modern hybrid hotel building.