Oxford College’s facility fire protected using 9mm Magply

The alterations and refurbishment of the SCR, Dining Hall and Kitchen at Trinity College Oxford are nearing completion with 9mm and 12mm Magply boards from the range of IPP Ltd. being used in some situations, having been specified to provide the necessary fire compartmentation, as well as other performance benefits.

The work to fit out the kitchen, bar, offices, fully accessible toilets and ancillary areas is being undertaken by Savvy Construction, from nearby Horspath, while Original Field of Architecture is the architectural practice responsible for the design work. This has included using two layers of the A1 rated, non-combustible Magply to clad either side of timber studwork in order to create a half hour separation and provide compartmentation for a single storey staff sitting room. All of the boards were supplied through the Wheatley branch of merchant, Grant & Stone.

The Project Architect, Raghav Dixit, commented:

“We needed a product that would satisfy the structural requirements as well as offer fire compartmentation to meet Fire Engineers and Approved Inspector’s recommendation, so we got in touch with Magply as a manufacturer we had not worked with in the past. The technical department was very helpful and forthcoming: checking our design details and supplying the necessary documents to show compliance. The installation is going well and we are likely to be using the material further on future projects.”

The Site Manager for Savvy Construction, Andrew Perkins, commented:

“The project created a larger, better equipped kitchen, disabled access toilets and a large bar area. These areas have been framed in 4×2 studwork with the Magply fixed to both sides and intumescent mastic filing the joints to provide fire protection, as well as giving acoustic and racking performance. Our operatives have used Magply before so they are finding it quick and straightforward to install.”

Independently tested to demonstrate they offer A1 non-combustible performance, Magply boards are routinely specified in place of OSB and plywood as a sheathing for steel framed high-rise properties, as well as in flat and pitched roof construction. Additionally, with an ultra-low 0.01% chloride content, the stability and durability of Magply sees it recommended as a backer board for proprietary render systems.

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