Introducing enhanced components for flat roofing systems


Bauder is introducing two new products to enhance its waterproofing systems.

Bauder has launched BauderTEC DBR 06 for use as an Air and Vapour Control Layer (AVCL) in single ply systems, and as an AVCL and carrier membrane in cold applied liquid applications. This product will be replacing the current 0.4mm BauderTEC DBR used in Thermofol and Thermoplan single ply systems and replacing BauderTEC KSD DUO used in Bauder LiquiTEC and LiquiTOP cold applied liquid systems.

BauderTEC DBR 06 is a 0.6mm thick, technically advanced, self-adhesive, elastomeric, reinforced bitumen AVCL, featuring an aluminium foil facing for vapour impermeability. In both single ply and cold applied liquid applications, BauderTEC DBR 06 can be used over certain new and existing roof systems and new deck substrates including profiled metal, plywood and OSB.

The additional thickness of DBR 06 when installed within a single ply system increases the robustness of the overall system and allows for use within a fully adhered assembly. When used in cold applied liquid systems, DBR 06 increases flexibility of the system and the thickness at the laps is reduced, resulting in easier installation of the system and a smoother finish. In addition, the product is more lightweight than other AVCLs meaning projects benefit from safer and faster installation, resulting in shorter lead times.

Bauder has also released a new accessory product for waterproofing soil vent pipes. The Bauder SVP Cover is designed to facilitate the detailing of soil vent pipes up to 600mm high on Bauder RBM, Thermofol, LiquiTEC and LiquiTOP flat roof systems. The Bauder SVP Cover provides a visually appealing way to waterproof soil vent pipes.

Bauder is a leading international manufacturer of building construction materials, providing clients with waterproofing membranes and insulation to make buildings watertight and thermally efficient.

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