HeartFelt® Origami offers exceptional acoustic and aesthetic results

With the introduction of HeartFelt® Origami, architects and interior designers can add a highly exclusive ceiling finish to their buildings. This new Hunter Douglas Architectural felt ceiling system not only delivers a unique aesthetic appearance, it also boasts a high acoustic performance.

HeartFelt® Origami is the latest line to be launched in the already popular felt ceiling and wall system. Based on ancient origami techniques, the panels are folded to provide additional rigidity as well as create an attractive finish.

Available in five different shapes and in five shades of grey – from white to black – designers have the freedom to create something that is not just truly unique and aesthetically pleasing but also acoustically superior. Extensive testing has shown the panels achieve a sound absorption value of αW 0.8, ensuring reverberation and noise in busy office landscapes, public buildings or other premises are greatly reduced.

HeartFelt® Origami is quick and easy to install and it can be used as a room-filling ceiling system or as a stand-alone solution.

For more information on HeartFelt® Origami, please visit our website: https://origami.hunterdouglasarchitectural.eu/en-gb