Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Security Gate range

The LPS1175 Platinum Security Gate range has been developed after Frontier Pitts identified the ever-changing security threats and the requirements for an Intruder Resistant security. All Secured by Design accredited

Many clients had been installing unrated Security Gates that had not been tested alongside LPS1175 security rated fence lines. By testing and upgrading certain elements on all models of our Automatic Security Gates, Frontier Pitts is now pleased to bring to the market the first complete LPS1175 Anti-Intruder Gate Range to the market, introducing another layer to the security onion.

The LPS1175 Platinum Automatic Security Gate range with Security Ratings 1, 2 and 3 includes:

Terra Bi-fold Gate, HVM Gate impact tested to IWA14 stopping 7.2t at 30mph and LPS1175 Security Rated to B3/SR2.

Platinum Bi-folding Gate: double leaf up to 10m wide, single leaf up to 5m wide

Platinum Sliding Gate up to 10m wide, and now another World first with the Bi-parting pair of Sliding Gates securing clear apertures of 6-14m.

Platinum Hinged Gate: double leaf up to 10m wide, single leaf up to 5m wide

Platinum Pedestrian Gate: Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual operation.

Unique to the market this is the first double leaf HVM Bi-folding Gate in the World successfully impacted test resulted in minimal penetration.

Frontier Pitts HVM Bi-fold Gate is the perfect solution for any building or perimeter fence line bringing together Hostile Vehicle Mitigation protection from the threat of VBIED’s (vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) and LPS1175 Security Rated Automatic Gates where the mechanism of the automatic gate is tested, not just the infill.

Security Rated Automatic Platinum Bi-folding Gate with overhead top track, the perfect solution for Secured by Design accredited underground car parks. Both the overhead and underground track models can be automated using Frontier Pitts designed Dutyman and Trojan Actuators.

The security rated automatic gate mechanism can also be matched with a range of Security Rated infills, including bar, bar and mesh and sheet infill.

The new Platinum Turnstile all provides Security Rated Pedestrian Access and is the first Security Rated Turnstile on the market with a three-winged rotor (120 rotor).

LPS 1175
Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of intruder resistant free-standing barriers.