Divide and conquer room layouts with Draks’ room dividers

Developers and designers are asking more of every available metre of space in a dwelling

For over 20 years, Draks has honed the skill of creating stunning space saving, room dividing and storage solutions for the home. Specified by housebuilders, designers and homeowners across the UK, the ranges of wardrobe doors, walk-in wardrobes, interiors, room dividers and bathroom cabinets are designed, made and painted in the company’s modern facility in Oxfordshire.

Among the most popular portfolios now are the sliding and fixed room dividers; quite simply due to the time spent at home in the last eighteen months. More people are working at home and, as always, the children are growing up and/or elderly relatives are moving in. In short, developers and designers are asking more of every available metre of space in a dwelling; and zoning and closing off areas is an ideal solution. It may be a home office, a new bedroom, or a kitchen area which is required; and, using laminate glass for example, means that there is no loss of light.

Draks room divider collection constantly evolves; today, Draks offers a modern, beautifully-designed, clever range of sliding and fixed room dividers.  The company also offers bespoke solutions so that colours and finishes can be matched to any design scheme.

The room dividers employ a unique, bottom-weighted sliding system that increases stability however wide the divider. Placing a rebated track in the floor means that the top track acts as a guide only, thus allowing installation in tricky places. The bottom track can be surface-mounted and, at only 6mm thick, does not cause an obstruction. The divider, therefore, can be installed in a variety of different rooms and recessed into carpet, laminate, hard floors or even marble and tiling making them ideal for any home or office space.

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