Buying a toilet… take a look at the online buyers guide by UK Bathrooms

As the UK’s premium online bathroom store, UK Bathrooms have sold more than 150,000 toilets and like to think they know a thing or two about them, they also understand that buying a new toilet for any home, or business owner, can prove frustrating and somewhat of a minefield.

Their online toilet buyers guide takes away the stress and frustration when replacing your loo and covers the wide range of toilets available, including latest technologies, leading brands and it also recommends which toilets are best suited for different budgets. The guide covers practically everything there is to know, and every style of toilet available, from traditional to the latest shower toilets.

Bathroom design may often be led by the position of the toilet, because of the larger waste pipe requirement, so consideration to the type and style of toilet should be planned at an early stage. There are a huge number of toilet designs on offer and choice would depend on preference for a modern or more traditional style. Wall hung toilets create a smart, contemporary look while high level toilets work for a more authentic, traditional look.

Consideration should be given to the available space, if it’s a small bathroom there are many space-saving toilets to choose from, however if the space is larger then there is an even wider range available. For example; in a small cloakroom, where space is limited then opt for a short projection style, where the pan has a shorter depth than standard so creating more floor space.  The Ideal Standard Studio Echo Short Projection Close Coupled Toilet is traditionally styled and a good example of a toilet designed to fit into the smallest bathroom.  Corner units also work in small spaces as do wall hung toilets which give the illusion of more space.

The new guide by UK Bathrooms covers all of the different types of toilets and explains each one from ‘dual flush’, ‘concealed cistern’, ‘back to wall’, ‘water saving’ to ‘wall frame’, ‘high level’, ‘low level’, and ‘rimless’ to name but a few.  Most manufacturers have now caught onto the trend of rimless technology, and why wouldn’t they, it means the difficult to clean area, under the toilet rim is no longer an issue.  Villeroy & Boch, leave a ledge at the top of their pan which guards against any overspray from the clean, flushed water.  Their Subway 2.0 is one of the most popular designs from the German bathroom luxury manufacturer, its direct flush system means that this wc is a rimless toilet bowl, leaving nowhere for germs and dirt to hide!

And, for those wanting the ultimate, all singing, all dancing wc then the shower toilet is the all in one solution becoming more and more popular, eco friendly, the paperless pans use shower sprays, heated seats, warm air drying and remote controls to provide a complete toilet solution and the VitrA V-Care Intelligent Rimless Shower toilet offers a new level of comfort and hygiene.  Using the very latest in sanitaryware technology it combines the WC toilet pan with the comfort and hygiene of a bidet.  Totally hands-free every aspect of this toilet can be programmed to your exact preferences. And, offering an extra degree of accessibility it is entirely suitable for use by those with restricted movement.  The shower toilet is certainly a modern luxury that many more people are enjoying in their homes and businesses.