Three Rivers Project

Three Rivers is a major mixed use development proposed on former ‘no-man’s land’ between the towns of Strabane in Northern Ireland and Lifford in the Irish Republic.

Turley brought forward a new masterplan for this major and strategic site and co-ordinated a comprehensive analysis of the scheme’s environmental and socio-economic effects.

The scheme components were chosen to respond to a need for new jobs and improved services within Strabane-Lifford and wider border region. The project provides a historic opportunity to link two border towns and establish a catalyst for urban regeneration and major investment.

Incorporated within the scheme is a ‘Peace Project’ comprising a new shared public space. Delivering this integral project in the context of Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI) designations is challenging given environmental sensitivities, but a balance is achieved with the environment to realise significant public benefits.

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