Sunderland College’s commercial city centre restaurant

The college has unveiled initial artist’s impressions of the bistro which is being built as part of its £29million City Campus development in the heart of Sunderland.

Work is now well underway on the flagship campus, near Holmeside, which will house a range of vocational courses and commercial facilities.

The college’s award-winning restaurant, the Lounge Bistro and Bar, will be relocating from Hylton campus to its new-look destination when City Campus opens for business in September 2016.

Boasting a modern bistro design, the restaurant will feature wooden finishes and contemporary décor, with a combination of banquet and traditional seating for varying party sizes.

Diners will be able to watch the chefs creating and serving their dishes through an open pass, and clients who prefer a more personal approach to their dining experience can book the chef’s table in the restaurant kitchen.

Project Location