Space Group housing scheme – China

Space Group are pleased to release images of their innovative 144-unit large housing scheme in China. The project site is part of the master planning scheme of the Huayan Township located in Ruichang. Whilst it is located in an urban setting, its aim is to provide value due to its visual aspects and bring happiness to its occupants. Various sustainable aspects are at the core of the design concept.

The layout of the individual apartments, and the entire building volume, allows for an uninterrupted view of the Flower Ocean Garden for the majority of the apartments. As explained, in addition to that, ‘The Mountain’ wraps around a central communal courtyard called ‘The Forest’. All circulation is arranged so that these principles are undisturbed. Dramatic openings are ‘ripped out’ of the façade to provide crystalline-like entrances. Glazed stair and lift cores enable an outlook onto ‘The Forest’.