Oldham College, Greater Manchester

AHR completes £22 million redevelopment for Oldham College.

AHR has completed the redevelopment of Oldham College in Greater Manchester which includes three new buildings and landscaping.

The new buildings lie to the north-west of Oldham town centre and were built over three phases creating a student centric campus which responds to an employment focussed education curriculum.

The first phase, Building A is a five storey building with teaching spaces and social breakaway spaces for students. The building works as an anchor for the College and celebrates the main approach to the campus from the town centre.

The second building, Digital and Creative Centre Oldham, is a four storey building which is a combination of open plan teaching spaces and traditional classrooms. The use of light is a key aspect of the design of this building, and the creation of well-lit and airy spaces for the creative subjects the students study a critical outcome from AHR’s design process. Environmental performance is further enhanced by the design of the ventilation system, which exceeds the specifications set by the Department for Education Building Bulletins.

Building C delivers new teaching areas over three storeys and defines a valuable green external social space placed centrally in the campus. Internal spaces are specially designed for vocational subjects along with further general teaching accommodation.


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