Manor Lane Estate

Work started on the Manor Lane Development in January 2013 with our partnering contractor United House Ltd. The first phase of the development will be the construction of 22 homes that should be completed by the Spring of 2014.

The first phase includes the construction of 18 social rented properties and 4 low cost sale homes. In Phase 2 which will follow, the remaining 10 social rented houses and 36 private sale units will be built. This will be built on the current Manor Lane site where 32 properties will be demolished. The secure tenants currently living in these properties and wishing to remain living on the estate will move into the new affordable homes.

Tenants moving into the new affordable housing properties site will benefit from the fact properties will be constructed to achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level Four. This means the properties will be energy efficient thus cutting the cost of fuel. They have also been designed to meet the Homes and Community Agency (HCA)’s Design and Quality Standards, Lifetime Homes and Secured by Design requirements. Therefore tenants will also benefit from additional security as the properties reduce the opportunity for crime and subsequently the fear of crime.

Project Location