Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science and Technology

The Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science and Technology, to be constructed at Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Campus, will form a £21m purpose-built research and collaborative centre for the University and the British Geological Survey (BGS).
Scheduled for completion in early 2016, the Centre will bring together key expertise from both institutions and provide a unique opportunity for strategic growth through research-led development with an interdisciplinary and innovative applied geoscience technology focus.
The emphasis of the Centre’s work will be at the intersection of the earth and marine sciences. Research in the Lyell Centre will examine all sides of the intractable problems of ensuring sustainable energy and resource supply while understanding its environmental impact and mitigating the effects of global climate change. Its work will be both socially and industrially relevant at national and international scales.
The Lyell Centre will be underpinned by a £8.5m investment in top-level academic recruitment providing a huge opportunity for earth and marine science in general and for Scotland in particular.

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