London loft conversion, Clapham Common

London-based architectural practice TwistInArchitecture – founded on the principle of creating buildings with an unusual twist – today unveiled its latest completed project: a loft conversion which bucks the trend of homeowners who are “blindly clawing” for every available meter squared when they undertake renovation projects, in favour of using existing space and floorplans in more intelligent ways, to suit specific user needs.

The practice explains how its recent loft conversion on Clapham Common (South side) did not have a traditional ‘dormer’ added to the roof simply to cram in a small additional room and awkward staircase, but instead saw the creation of an open floorplate with a ‘hanging gallery’ and spiral staircase, which appears to be floating in the middle of the study. . This was achieved by removing the existing loft floor structure and demolishing all walls at mansard level, delivering a spatially interesting solution, while adding approximately 15 meters squared of functional and usable space.

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