Kirkwall Grammar School

The new Kirkwall Grammar School (KGS) will be built on its present site.

The new KGS will be located at the South West corner of the existing site, with the main teaching wings elevating towards Meadowbank. The main entrance will face towards Papdale Road to avoid the northerly prevailing winds and will give access to the car park and playing fields, and link with the main access to the site from Meadow Road.

The new KGS will be a building which creates a focal point, is distinctive, works within the landscape and provides shelter for the users, the bidder aimed to provide an “Orkney Feel”.

The building consists of three teaching wings connected by an interlinking curved “street” (social/dining space) with the oval shaped Orkney Arts Theatre located at the head.

The materials to be used will include Copper cladding, natural stone, render, standing seam roofing and extensive use of glass, which are able to withstand the harsh climate.

What will the new KGS will provide?

  • Curriculum for excellence teaching and breakout spaces;
  • Dedicated Additional Support Needs (ASN) teaching accommodation;
  • Additional Social/Curved Street/Dining space;
  • Civic main entrance and pupil entrance;
  • New Community Arts Theatre
  • External play and social environment.

Project Location