Ensign Court, London


Ensign Court is a residential mixed-use development for 65 new homes in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Its position along The Highway, a major east-west route into central London, defines the building as a prominent marker and announces the beginning of the City’s urban character. The scheme seeks to enhance the existing local community by delivering an integrated, high quality, development that takes advantage of its remarkable location.

Ensign Court is a ‘corner building’ defined by a 14 storey tower, the massing follows the perimeter of the site boundary, stepping down on either side to knit into the grain of the adjacent Dock Street and Ensign Street. At ground floor set within a chamfered concrete plinth, commercial units are sheltered under a first floor cantilever creating a special character and identity to this prominent commercial space. Ensign Court is a sustainable development providing an onsite energy centre and homes achieving CfSH level 4.

Defined by a strong urban grid, Ensign Court compliments the neighbouring context whilst recognising the potential and future development of the area.

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