Eco-Bicester Living lab (EBLL)

Towns and cities are complex social, economic and physical systems, for this reason they are the logical centre for sustainable action and change. The Eco-Bicester programme in Bicester provides a test bed for a range of sustainability measures. With a 20 year program of construction, retrofit and resident engagement, there is a tremendous opportunity to learn about what works, trial different solutions, learn interactively, capture the learning and then tell the story.

The Eco-Bicester Living lab (EBLL) captures the learning and innovation that is happening in Bicester through knowledge-sharing that integrates users as co-creators. Further innovation and R&D projects will be developed and evaluated at different scales, focussing on sustainability in all its dimensions, including cultural and socio-economic issues, in order to transition to a sustainable society. Lessons learned are fed back locally to benefit Bicester and also shared with the wider communities. The EBLL initiative will not only provides Bicester with evidence-based learning and innovation, but also contributes to transforming Bicester into a sustainable and exceptional place to live and work.

Project Location