Australian Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale

The new Australian Pavilion is the only building to be constructed in the Giardini in two decades. Denton Corker Marshall’s design is emblematic of Australia’s approach to contemporary architecture. The pavilion is a bold and simple architectural statement: a white box within a black box. The exterior—clad with black granite—functions as an envelope. Comprised of operable panels, the pavilion can appear as a solid block or a multi-form structure. When the panels are opened, natural light will stream into the gallery. Inside, an elastic and versatile white gallery space will allow the building to meet the needs of any exhibition design or function.

The two-level concrete and steel structure (329.7 square meters) is positioned in dialogue with the surrounding environment alongside the Rio dei Giardini canal. It is the only water-fronting Pavilion in the Giardini. Visitors will enter the building via a steel ramp that leads to a floating terrace overlooking the water. The rectangular, almost square exhibition gallery (240.5 square meters) features polished concrete floors, five-meter high plasterboard-over-plywood walls, and an acoustic plasterboard ceiling.

Project Location