Asons Solicitors headquarters

The £5 million project, designed by Bolton-based architects Bradshaw Gass & Hope, has been heralded as an exciting, future office space that will help to bring Bolton’s town centre into a new era of modern architecture and commercial redevelopment. The modern, four storey building will sit upon a prime location at the major crossroads in the north side of the town where Topp Way and St Peter’s Way meet.

The 48,000 ft2 project is on Clarence Street in the All Saints district of Bolton. The site was previously a location for a Bolton Metropolitan College campus but also, was once home to residences including the first home for the Akram family, whose sons are the directors of Asons. The sons, including CEO Imran and Principal Director Kamran, are all grown men now and have their own homes, but once the new building is complete, this curious twist of fate means that they will be returning to their first family plot.


Project Location