Zero carbon costs halve

A new study from the Zero Carbon Hub has identified that the extra cost of building a zero carbon home has halved.

The study reviewed the additional cost of building to the proposed zero carbon standard compared to Part L 2013, finding that the additional cost of building a semi-detached house to the zero carbon standard could be less than £5,000, at today’s prices. The last time costs were calculated in 2011, and compared with 2010 regulations, the additional cost was almost £12,000.

The Hub suggests several reasons for the reduction include more affordable solar PV, amendments to the zero carbon definition and new homes’ greater efficiency when meeting air tightness standards.

Rob Pannell, Zero Carbon Hub managing director, said:

“What this report shows is that the zero carbon policy, while ambitious, is becoming more cost effective. The challenge is to continue innovating to keep costs as low as possible.”

The report suggests that by 2020 the extra cost to build a semi-detached home could be less than £3,000.

By David Mote.