Work starts of earth amphitheatre in Elgin park.

Thousands of tonnes of surplus soil from the Elgin Flood Alleviation scheme are being transported to Cooper Park in Elgin to be shaped by bulldozers into a large raised landform.

Members of Moray Council’s Policy and Resources committee gave the go-ahead for the project last month.

Project staff working on the Elgin scheme came up with the idea of creating an amphitheatre-style structure in Cooper Park using the surplus, and this was backed by community councillors.

More than 10,000 tonnes of soil will be transported to the site creating a two-metre high area affording views across the park.

Once the earthworks have been completed it will be turfed instead of seeded, allowing the public to use it before the end of the summer.

Elgin Community Council have backed the installation of the raised grass platform in the park – close to Grant Lodge – which they say would also help ponding problems in that area of the park.

Work is expected to take six weeks to complete, meantime there are parking and access restrictions in place to allow safe passage of the trucks delivering the soil.