Watco launches new Best Ever Formula range

Product improvement and extensive testing programme results in the launch of Watco’s Best Ever Formula products

After many weeks of trials, and re-evaluating the formulations of Watco Concrete Floor Paint, Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat, Watco Safety Coat and their anti-slip and hygienic versions, it was found that blending in a “diamond hard” wax and ceramic dispersion produced remarkable results. This would form the basis of the Best Ever Formula range which will be sold as standard to all customers. Thorough testing to ISO standards were carried out, making Watco’s products the most comprehensively qualified floor paint range available. Testing to ISO standards means Watco also offer the widest range of floor coatings to carry a CE mark.

“We were already using the toughest polyurethane resins and pigments so we had to look beyond that,” explains Steve Chanter, Watco Product and Operations Director. “After such thorough trials, we know we’ve got the best performing single pack and water bonded epoxy floor paint you can buy.”

Best Ever Concrete Floor Paint is twice as hard wearing as previous formulations, is over three times glossier than a leading competitor’s floor paint and has 50% superior bonding power or adhesion than a competitor product. With a revised range of colours, all of which fall within RAL guidelines available in mid-gloss, matt and anti-slip finishes, the finished result will be a durable and attractive floor. All grades carry Mark EN1504-2. “Our new Best Ever Concrete Floor Paint now lasts twice as long as before” comments Chanter. “If you are going to the time, trouble and inconvenience of clearing, preparing and painting your floor, you would probably want to choose a paint which will last twice as long!”

Best Ever Formula Epoxy Gloss Coat is 40% harder wearing than previously and dries faster, so two coats can be applied in just one day. The new formulation also comes in a matt finish to reduce glare and disguise minor imperfections in concrete floors. In addition, there is a hygienic grade with silver ion technology for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard-wearing finish. All grades carry Mark EN1504-2.

Best Ever Formula Watco Safety Coat contains a fine anti-slip particle suspended in the paint leaving a finely textured surface that looks better than gritty surfaces. It’s also 40% harder wearing than before. The two-pack epoxy resin is engineered for areas where traction is needed to prevent slipping, while providing an easily cleaned surface. It also comes in a hygienic grade option which contains silver ion technology, perfect for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard-wearing finish

Safety Coat Coarse has also been reformulated, to contain a larger anti slip particle to enhance grip and slip resistance, ideal for areas that get wet or greasy. All grades carry Mark EN1504-2.

The Best Ever Formula range offers superior levels of durability, adhesion and scratch resistance, faster drying times, resulting in lower maintenance costs as flooring will need to be repainted less often, with reduced downtime.