Value of perforated metal building sunshields demonstrated in RMIG’s new white paper

RMIG, the world’s leading perforated materials specialist, has launched a new, free white paper looking at the benefits and beauty of perforated metal sunshields on buildings. The paper provides a background to the relationship between purpose and design when installing a building facade, focussing on heat retention, light deflection and materials used.

The paper provides an overview of how the installation of perforated metal sunshields can play a significant role in reducing energy costs and environmental footprint, while still maintaining a unique design presence on the architectural landscape.

This new paper also examines the importance and function of open space and hole pattern, as well as looking at the choices of metal used and the role of finishing treatments.

Speaking of how a building’s appearance can actually be enhanced by a sunshield, Andrew Wadbrook-McLay, Technical Manager at RMIG, commented: “Working to an architect’s brief gives our team of engineers the opportunity to create something eye-catching, long-lasting and environmentally sound. A properly finished perforated metal facade has the capability to remain on a building for years, keeping those inside comfortable while providing those on the outside with a visual treat.”

To demonstrate this, the paper focuses on several of RMIG’s City Emotion building projects, which illustrates both the function and look of a number of buildings around Europe that have installed perforate metal sunscreens, complete with images, back story and technical details of materials and finishes used.

The white paper is available for download for free from the RMIG website