Under control: ridi provides personalised lighting system for office refurbishment

RIDI Lighting has supplied an innovative, low energy and high quality LED lighting system to an office space in central London, in partnership with M&E Consultants Michael Jones & Associates LLP. The offices of renowned recruitment agency Boston Hale underwent a significant refurbishment to create a more modern, comfortable office, with the occupiers requiring a contemporary lighting design to reflect the new environment.

Light plays a significant role in human wellbeing, so it was essential that the new lighting system offered a superior quality of light and enabled individual employees to control the lighting in their own area of the office. Michael Jones & Associates LLP selected RIDI’s ARKTIK LED luminaires with the new PSQ diffuser, which ensures a broad distribution of light while minimising glare, providing a comfortable environment for staff to work in. They also specified RIDI’s intuitive and adaptable Control 3 lighting management system, so that employees could adjust light levels and to adapt to their personal preferences and working needs.

Colin Maddox of Michael Jones & Associates LLP says:

“The Boston Hale office project is a fantastic example of a modern lighting system in an office environment.”

“We specified RIDI’s ARKTIK luminaire because we knew it was a reliable product that produces a high quality of light and that we could rely on RIDI to provide a fantastic after-sales service. Crucially, RIDI were able to deliver all the products we needed in a short time frame, and resolve any minor issues that arose. The lighting control system works fantastically well and allows employees to create their own lit environment, which has led to very high levels of satisfaction amongst the staff. The client is delighted with the results.”

Mike Attard, Managing Director of RIDI Lighting, says:

“We were delighted to supply our ARKTIK luminaires for the Boston Hale project.”

“The requirement for individual control of small lighting zones was a challenge – as well as providing for the demands of varying tenants on each floor, but we believe that this customisation is the future of lighting in commercial spaces, and the possibilities for this technology are really exciting. Staff want to work in environments that suit them and their needs, and as an industry we have to be able to meet these demands.”