Two-phase enhancement programme for Schueco’s AWS window range

Schueco UK is undertaking a two-phase development of its highly successful AWS outward-opening window range. The first phase sees the introduction of new profiles and fittings to increase the number of opening variations.

Among the latter are new double outward-opening windows without a central fixed mullion but with continuous centre seals. With sizes up to 2000mm wide x 2500mm high for double and 1000mm wide x 2500mm high for single vent windows, the system offers exciting new fenestration opportunities.

Schueco UK believes that these new AWS window options will prove ideal for balconies on large-scale, inner-city residential developments where their slim lines and elegant profiles will add style to any apartment.

Equally importantly, their high level of engineering excellence will ensure that usability is matched by excellent thermal performance.

The new Schueco AWS windows will also be invaluable for patios in exposed locations because they can deliver excellent weather-tightness when closed and allow completely unobstructed views when open. The latter characteristic will make them particularly attractive for owners whose homes enjoy dramatic scenic views.

Wherever the system is located, lockable handles and multipoint locking ensure a high level of security.

The first phase of the development applies to Schueco AWS 50.NI through to AWS 75.SI+ systems (excluding the Schueco AWS 70 SC).

Initially available hung on butt hinges, the new opening types also offer other benefits including a handle-operated brake which can hold the vent open at varying angles from 15o to 90o. An improved range of opening limit stays includes a 100 mm restrictor which can be detached for maintenance.

Both double and single vent versions achieve a Class 9A, EN 12208, water-tightness rating, while a low sill option for the Schueco AWS 70.HI and AWS 75.SI+ systems delivers Class 7A for double and Class 8A for single vent windows.

The completion of the second phase of development (scheduled for the middle of 2017) will see the introduction of top- and side-hung concealed hinges of a new and unique design specially developed for Schueco windows.

For further information on all the new systems in the enlarged Schueco AWS outward-opening window range email mkinfobox(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)