TT Pumps gains ISO 14001:2015 during lockdown


The environment has always been important to T-T as much of its business is involved with pumping drainage and effluents, so the environment is of paramount importance. The company is very fortunate in being located in a rural location at Woore, South Cheshire on a 6-acre site with more than half the site being green natural space, having a small lake, woodland which being expanded by annual planting of British tree species, a further 250 trees were planted in early 2020.

To endorse the company’s environmental ambitions the directors felt that it was appropriate to gain ISO14001.

The initial plan of getting full ISO14001 for early 2020 was put into total disarray by the Coronavirus epidemic, so much of the work had already been done during 2019 it was disappointing that completion would be delayed.

After some discussion with LRQA it was realised that not all was lost and that much of the final qualification could be done remotely. During early 2020 much of the detailed work was completed, only necessitating one surveillance visit to complete the process allowing T-T to gain the valued accreditation in the summer of 2020.

The accreditation will allow the company to continue with its environmental policy while helping meet environmental regulations, improve efficiency and environmental performance.

Big thanks to LRQA for their positive attitude in helping T-T gaining this important accreditation.

Further details, 0044 (0)1630-647200