Troubled with UFH solutions for complex projects?

Specifiers frequently encounter property developments where the constraints of the site, the building or the client means a solution for a complex project is required – often this is why an architect is commissioned.

Nu-Heat, with over quarter a century of experience with underfloor heating (UFH) and renewables, are well placed to be your first port of call to discuss a complex project and produce a bespoke solution for you and your client.

Speeding things up on site

Most traditional ground floor UFH systems are installed within the screed. Project timelines can leave the UFH tube exposed whilst waiting for the pour, running the risk of damage prior to the long screed drying time of up to 1 day per 1mm. Whilst this can be planned for, it can also delay other trades working on the build, resulting in dead time that increases overall costs. A recent, time-saving product innovation is FastDeck®, a revolutionary structural solution that offers a completely dry, combined UFH and floor deck.  This is an easy-to-install, whole-house UFH system that removes screed drying times and leaves a finished installation that you can install as quickly as pipe in screed, but that you can walk on straight away – boosting access for other trades, speeding up installation times and meaning floor coverings can be fitted immediately.

With a height build-up of only 35mm (compared with screed depths of 55-60mm plus), FastDeck® is also designed to deliver response times that are easily twice as fast as equivalent screed UFH systems, thanks to its highly-conductive, aluminium laminated gypsum board deck. The unique, laminated board quickly and evenly transfers heat across the whole floor, eradicating cold-spots. Suitable for a wide range of applications, FastDeck® can be installed straight onto insulation over a slab or solid deck or directly over timber floors, either at first or second fix, making life quicker and easier for installers and project managers.

Reducing noise transfer

Nu-Heat offers a wide variety of acoustic UFH solutions. One specific development for upper floor requirements comprises a pre-routed gypsum board over a high performance IsoRubber base, into which Nu-Heat’s 14mm tube is neatly installed. The combination of tongue and groove panels and a self-levelling skim offer high thermal conductivity allowing a quick transfer of heat into the room and the creation of an extremely stable, monolithic floor finish.

When installed within an acoustic floor cassette, AcoustiPanel®14 exceeds Part E making the solution suitable for new build and renovation apartments, where an efficient and discreet underfloor heating system is required as part of an acoustically robust system that is simple to install. It allows floor finishes to be installed 72 hours after fitting and only requires a single manifold for quick installation and less material used.

This tailor-made acoustic system offers fast heat transfer combined with a high performance heat output of up to 96W/m2. With a total height build-up at just 31mm, typically saving 69mm compared to typical acoustic batten solutions, it is also a low weight solution compared to liquid screed or a typical sand and cement screed UFH system. AcoustiPanel®14 is a sustainable solution, with the gypsum board constructed of a minimum of 60% recycled product, and the IsoRubber made with a recycled content in excess of 90% waste rubber, resulting in a Global Warming Potential of Zero and an Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero.

Renovation and conversion solutions

A number of solutions are available for your client renovations including the award-winning LoPro® range. From the original low profile retrofit UFH system, LoPro®10, developed to make renovation redevelopments straightforward with its super-slim height build-up of 15mm well suited to properties with a good level of insulation; to the high heat output of LoPro®Max, which has been developed to effectively heat renovations with higher heat losses or rooms with a high level of glazing. LoPro®Max is ideal for bridging the spread of a new build extension and an existing ground floor area, with a patented castellated floor deck, laid directly on top of screed or timber flooring, providing an outstanding response time and offering high structural and compressive strength.

Upper floor UFH

ClippaPlate® is a unique, flexible, upper floor underfloor heating system that is both simple and safe to install in suspended timber floors. Because the heating tube is completely hidden within the ceiling/floor deck, there is no height build-up whatsoever. It has a dry installation using patented aluminum heat spreader plates to hold the heating tube flush with the floor and can be installed from below, in between the floor joists, or from above straddling the joists, providing flexible solutions in response to every requirement.

Feel the difference

Help your clients feel the difference – , contact Nu-Heat’s specialist UFH advisors on 01404 549770 or at info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) to discuss a bespoke designed underfloor heating solution for your next project.