Town & Country – the first UK housing association to install Jablite Dynamic insulation

This month Town & Country Housing Group will be handing over the keys to its first new home with Jablite Dynamic cavity insulation installed.

Paul White, Quality and Innovation Manager for Town & Country explains, ‘We are constantly looking to improve the quality and performance of the properties we build. Jablite’s innovative Dynamic insulation looks like an interesting new way to insulate and ventilate to the highest standards.

“We have installed Jablite Dynamic insulation on one property and over the next few months we will monitor its performance closely. On paper, the Dynamic insulation looks like it will provide an excellent insulation performance, reduce the risk of damp and condensation and offer an easier to install and maintain ventilation system.

“That would be no small feat – we will see if the Jablite system delivers!”

Jablite’s Dynamic cavity insulation has been installed on a housing development in Folkestone, Kent built by Jenner Group, the other homes on the site were put up to their customary specification.

For Jablite, this trial is a good opportunity to test an innovative new insulation with a leading residential social landlord, as David Teasdale, Jablite’s Sales & Marketing Director, explains:

“We are very grateful that Paul White has given us the opportunity to prove that our Jablite Dynamic insulation does perform as promised!

“The great thing about Jablite Dynamic insulation is that our system only requires maintenance every five years. This is a huge benefit to any landlord, as accessing tenants’ property for regular maintenance can be difficult.

“In addition, Jablite Dynamic guarantees good air quality, which is vital in houses that are built to be increasingly air tight; it reduces risk of condensation and consequent damp issues.

“We look forward to getting the results from this trial house!”