Tormax supply university with revolving glass door

The G.O. Jones (Physics) Building at Queen Mary University, London, has recently benefitted from a £5.5 million refurbishment creating more efficient facilities throughout.

Smoothly allowing access for students and staff, a new all-glass revolving automatic entrance from TORMAX creates a contemporary focus to the upgraded facade.

To one side, an automatic swing-door allows easy access for less able users. Due to restricted space the door is powered using the unique TORMAX iMotion 1401 operator which is concealed in a unit under the floor.

Queen Mary University has invested over £250 million over the last 15 years, considerably improving its entire estate and ensuring that it continues to attract as many as 15,000 students at any one time.

Architects Molyneux Kerr were responsible for project managing this refurbishment of the School of Physics and Astronomy, taking the scheme from inception to completion.

The work was carried out over a 36-week period and included the development of academic and shared offices, as well as a variety of specialist laboratories.

TORMAX was contracted by Hutton Construction, to design and install a four-wing automatic revolving door system to the main entrance, as well as a swing pass-door to one side.

Tested in prestigious buildings worldwide, the door is powered by a high torque TORMAX Universal 5201 door operator.

Capable of delivering unparalleled reliability, a self-monitoring function allows optimum performance to be maintained at all times, automatic adjusting movement in response to factors such as wind resistance or a build-up of dirt for example.

The door leaves themselves are fitted with advanced sensor controls to ensure precision movement in response to pedestrian footfall, as well as user safety.

Simon Roberts, MD for TORMAX, commented:

“In any location where space is at a premium, revolving doors are still the most effective solution.”

“With aesthetics playing a key role in entrance design, the TORMAX Universal 5201 enables a reduced canopy height only allowing a minimalist entrance to be created that really adds to the visual impact of the building.”

Contributing to a lower carbon footprint, a revolving entrance offers an excellent barrier to heat loss from the building. This in turn cuts heating bills and helps maintain the ambient temperature in the entrance area.