Tormax opens on mayfair

A tastefully opulent working environment, the Office Space in Town Mayfair serviced offices at 10 Brick Street welcomes staff and visitors into the impressive central atrium with a semi-automatic TORMAX 3-wing revolving door that requires just a gently push from the user to initiate rotation.  TORMAX worked with JPJ Installations Ltd to deliver this sustainable solution, successfully combining easy access with reduced energy consumption.  Finished with dramatic black profile, the revolving entrance perfectly enhances the classically understated interior décor. 

Taking its design cues from the roaring Twenties, 10 Brick Street combines typical art deco hues with striking geometric patterns in black and white.  With a selection of boutique offices to suit between five to eighteen people, clients benefit from a range of elite services including first-class reception, back-office and bespoke business support not to mention fibre optic internet and integrated phone system.  Making the space feel more like a 5-star hotel than a serviced office in central London, the impressive TORMAX revolving entrance is a key feature of the airy atrium, reflecting the effortless glamour of the era.

The 3-wing entrance system is powered by the technologically advance TORMAX 5201 revolving door operator.  A world-class solution, reliability is assured in the long-term thanks to a powerful high torque motor and impeccable design credentials that minimise maintenance requirements.  In addition to the energy saving, semi-automatic operation, the revolving door at 10 Brick Street also effectively reduces the heat that would lost from the atrium with a standard door, by providing a barrier to the exterior.

If an emergency leads to power failure, the TORMAX 5201 cleverly utilises energy generated by the door being spun as people hurry to exit the building, to operate a brake mechanism.  This simple yet effective mechanism combines with adaptable external safety devices and the optional break-out function, to deliver a safety rating that is second to none.