Tormax automates glass arch access

Delivering invisible automation to a new arched glass doorway, TORMAX was contracted to install their technologically advanced iMotion 1401 operator into the stone floor of the entrance to the Porter’s Lodge, Christ Church at Oxford University.

Ideal for period properties such as this, the iMotion 1401 makes it possible to benefit from the convenience of an automatic entrance, without interfering with an historic facade.

The Porter’s Lodge is the security and information hub of the College, monitoring alarms, safeguarding keys, receiving and sending mail, directing visitors and generally providing information. The Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week for most of the year and is constantly busy with staff, students and tourists calling in to ask questions or for assistance. The new entrance was part of a re-design of the Lodge carried out by Montgomery Architects, in conjunction with Christ Church, English Heritage and an OCC Conservation Officer, bringing the facilities into the 21st Century whilst safeguarding the historic character of this Grade I listed Wolsey building.

Replacing a wooden door, aluminium and glass specialist, Openwood, was contracted to design and manufacture an all-glass frameless arched doorway, with TORMAX providing specialist automation with the iMotion 1401 door drive. Bringing light to the interior, the new door undoubtedly enhances the aesthetics of the building whilst also being a practical solution.

“The old manual door often ended up being propped open much of the time,” confirms Robert Montgomery of Montgomery Architects. “The glass automatic entrance helps minimise heat loss from the building whilst also creating a more welcoming aspect to encourage people inside.”

Entirely unique in the marketplace, the TORMAX range of iMotion door operators are recognised for their exceptional life expectancy. This is due to the fact that their high torque motors do not feature any of the parts that generally wear out, such as gears and brushes. This significantly improves reliability in the long term and dramatically reduces required maintenance.

Thanks to this outstanding design, the iMotion 1401 can practically be located within a steel box beneath the floor of the Porter’s Lodge door, delivering reliable yet invisible automation for many years to come.