Top home improvement ideas in London: Storage units to carpet flooring

Property prices in the UK are steadily increasing. It becomes more and more unrealistic for people to build their homes from the ground up. Instead, it would be smarter to purchase older homes and renovate them afterwards.

London is no exception. Being one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, London’s property prices are 117% higher than last year. Home improvement projects are becoming a popular choice for most renters and homeowners.

Whether it is adding value to your home or making the space your own – you shouldn’t be afraid to take on the challenge. Here are a couple of home improvement ideas in London to help you get started:

Find Storage Space In London

When people think about improving their home, they focus on big projects. However, they end up missing out on the small, low-cost things they can do to improve their home, like investing in a storage unit.

A storage unit is very flexible, and its role in your home improvement may vary. It can be an affordable, no-build solution for expanding your storage. When you get rid of the clutter, there is a major improvement with the flow and atmosphere. It provides you with a clean slate, so you get to rearrange your home or decorate it as you wish.

Alternatively, it can play a supporting role during your renovation projects. When you paint the walls, rip out the floors, or call the contractors, you can move all of your belongings to your unit. It makes it easier to work in your small flat, and you get the bonus of keeping your items in good condition. Find a storage space in London that is both spacious and secure. There you can safely tuck away fragile items and bulky pieces.

Expand Your Flat/House

One of the home improvements that automatically add value to your overall property is expansion. Whether you are adding a bedroom, bathroom, or increasing the square footage of your closet, kitchen – it doesn’t matter! Since space is considered a commodity in London, any expansion project is sure to pay off in the future.

Upgrade Your Cabinetry

Your cabinets may not be the focal point of your home, but they play a larger role than you think. If you live in a particularly old house, you can look into replacing them with something more modern, or refinish the pieces, so they have a more cohesive look.

If you live in a small flat, you can try to have custom cabinets installed to make the most out of the limited space. You can add more storage on the cabinet door for small bottles and boxes, or add a lazy susan, corner cabinet organiser. Its personal touches like this that make it easier for you in the long run. It’s more storage for a fraction of the space.

Replace Your Hardware And Fixtures

Door knobs, cabinet handles, light switches, and light treatments get their fair share of wear and tear. These are features that are used every day, with little to no consideration. When you live in an old flat, there is a strong chance the landlord or previous tenant neglected them. So, it is best to take the time to repair and replace what needs fixing.

When you make these changes, you not only update the design of your home but also change the way you use the space. Replacing your doorknob can boost security. Changing the lightbulbs with eco-friendly options can reduce the energy bills in the long run. It may be a small step, but it is definitely a major improvement.

Switch Out Your Carpet Flooring

Another project you can take on is refinishing or replacing the flooring. Most British homes have carpet, and that’s well and good for the winter. However, carpet flooring should be replaced every 15 years.

If you feel like yours are too far gone, it’s high time you have them replaced. You may opt to get carpet again or maybe switch to other alternatives like hardwood, vinyl, or laminate flooring. There are many great options available in the market, and you are sure to find one that is perfect for your home.

What if you don’t have carpet flooring? You simply adjust accordingly. You can replace chipped tiles or refinish your hardwood floors. Ripping out your floor takes serious commitment, but at the end of the day, it can do wonders for your space.

Integrate Tech

Besides upgrading the different elements of your home and making sure they are functional, it wouldn’t hurt to splurge on smart appliances. A smart thermostat, home assistant, CCTV network, and a video doorbell are some examples of tech you can integrate into your home. These new installations can help you boost the security of your home while helping you conserve energy.

Get A Fresh Coat Of Paint

To cap it all off, you can add a fresh coat of paint. It is the cheapest and easiest home improvement you can make. While you have your belongings in storage, you can take the time to change the colour or add an accent wall.

Besides being a way to change the feel and mood, it is a great way to make the place feel more spacious. Having light coloured walls allow more light to enter the room, giving the illusion of space. When you pair it with mirrors, vertical storage, and a minimalist design, you can make your London flat feel more than its listed square footage.

Whether you are renovating your property for yourself or prepping the space for potential buyers, you can’t go wrong with the projects listed here.