‘Too’ Italian styling, innovative sliding door systems

A-Tipiko doors, combines unique Italian styling with high quality, creativity, sophistication and originality in a choice of multi visual solutions and materials.

A-Tipiko’s ‘Too’ door collection is a unique sliding system that can be used with different materials creating its own personality in the room in which it is installed.

‘Too’ is based on the idea of running free on the tracks, a sliding system that allows ultra smooth movements, supported by small ‘bricks’ positioned on the wall with the track attached to the door itself.

Different types of wood, coloured opaque or transparent glass, allows you to customise ‘Too’ doors so they can fit perfectly into any environment.

The door shown is produced from tempered stratified glass 5+5, black non filter, with handle AC-118 and rail with hidden fixing and white decorative ‘bricks’.

A-Tipiko doors choice of woods, patterns and colors of decorative glass allows designers to create a unique and original décor with customisation.

The glass, the different types of wood, anodized aluminium and other materials used to create A-Tipiko doors are selected to ensure the creation of highly resistant doors that are convenient and easy to be installed.

A-Tipiko doors are designed to be durable and functional, providing rooms with a touch of sophisticated elegance, aesthetic perfection and originality.

Mixing Italian taste and artisan skills to the innovative manufacturing techniques, A-Tipiko doors offers a unique style providing a strong visual impact in the environment in which they are located. Designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, A-Tipiko doors are fully guaranteed.