TILT designs office hub for 100% design in exhibition debut

TILT, the London-based design and architecture practice renowned for its approach to codesign and to creating coworking spaces, will make its debut at this year’s 100% Design with new designs for the 100% Office Hub, the key section of the show.

TILT’s starting point for the hub’s design entitled ‘The Hanging Room’ has been a dynamic representation of how working environments are evolving and changing in the 21st century.

The concept is of an architecture easily reconfigured into different states, capturing the fluid nature of the contemporary workplace in a globalised world.

TILT co-founder Oliver Marlow says:

“Increasingly we are seeing a search for an environment that can actually be changed and modified by its users; essentially an architecture of improvisation and flux, in constant motion. This transition in how we use existing buildings or design new ones is a natural consequence of the changes in how we work.”

The Hanging Room features an ingenious rigging system with a system of panels performing multiple roles, from partitions to screens, that can be reconfigured for different requirements including lectures, CPD’s, events and a café/ lounge. Playing off the dynamism of theatre, it creates an experimental series of forms, manifesting TILT’s innovative ideas for the workspaces of the future and providing a captivating installation for the show.

Materials including translucent fabrics and lightweight metals, allow for projected imagery and video, further augmenting the physical structure and creating virtual spaces.

TILT’S The Hanging Room will be unveiled at 100% Design September 18 -21, 2013.