Threesixty Architecture submits Inverness Museum + Art Gallery for planning

The Highland Council, in collaboration with Threesixty Architecture and Lightfolio, have developed proposals for enhancing the urban environment surrounding the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery (IMAG). The concept is to use vertical elements, light, and surfacing to strengthen the pedestrian routes and wayfinding around the museum’s city centre location, linking the Old Town with the castle and the castle with the river. A future link is planned to connect to the Crown area of Inverness.

The illuminated fins and street works will create a unifying language which defines wayfinding over a large site, screen unsightly zones, and make the area safe, vibrant, and accessible to pedestrians. Through the installation of the illuminated fins, attention will be drawn away from the IMAG building and towards the streetscape, river, and castle. The lighting will be changeable and interactive, responding to specific events and festivals within the Highland capital.

As part of the works, the existing patchwork of signage and panels on the IMAG building will be removed and replaced with simple signage which compliments the overall concept.