Three ways to install shelves in the home

We have always enjoyed presenting our ornaments and objects on a shelf of some kind.

The earliest known example of this in the UK is at Skara Brae where people once lived in underground dwellings and built all their furniture out of stone.

The team at ContiBoard decided to look at some of the great ways that shelves are used as features in a room, for decoration as well as practical uses like separating a large room into smaller spaces.

Wall shelving 

A modern approach to installing shelves – wall shelving involves the creation of concaves in the wall at the time of being built and plastered. These have a ‘built-in’ feel and remove the issue of installing another material and assigning space to create the shelves.

Corner shelving 

When only have a small area you need to think practically about what space you are going to use for storage. Corners and unusual size alcoves are an ideal place to build customized shelving solutions. In parts of the room which are not used for foot flow, it makes sense to convert them into storage and build upwards to get the most out of the area. Contiboard allows you to custom build shelving in these spaces and there is a whole range of colours and finishes to suit.

Room-divider shelving 

Ever since the open-plan concept came into fashion, the idea of using shelving to separate the room has been very warmly adopted. What better way to separate a room whilst still maintaining a feeling of openness?! As well as this, you are also able to customise your shelves in many different ways – ContiBoard can offer a fabulous solution to your customised shelving needs.