The unique modular wet-floor system from CCL Wetrooms offers fast track wet rooms on a timber floor

The unique Modular Wet-Floor System from CCL Wetrooms, the UK’s leading wet room specialist, allows any size or shape of wet room to be quickly and easily created on a timber floor. The key to the system is its design flexibility, allowing a stunning linear drain to be situated in almost any position within the shower area.

The Modular Wet-Floor system is a totally unique concept in wet room technology, consisting of only three elements:- Drainage Component, Tapered Board, Floor or Wall Grill. Thanks to the flexible nature of these components, almost any size of wet room can be achieved. The Drainage Component and Tapered Boards can be used in a combination of ways to create either a one way or two way fall, with the drain positioned in the floor or up against the wall. The components can be trimmed or butted together to create a larger wet room area, making the Modular Wet-Floor system both simple to configure and quick and easy to install.

The Modular Wet-Floor system has been particularly well received by Housebuilders and Developers, as the system allows a wet room to be easily created on a timber floor, with a Linear Drain situated in almost any position. This element of flexibility not only affords the designer greater freedom when deciding the layout of a bathroom, it also has a benefit on-site, by ensuring the wet floor is both quick and simple to install.

Howard Ball, Sales & Marketing Manager at CCL Wetrooms commented

“The Modular Wet-Floor system provides greater flexibility for architects and designers who don’t wish to be constrained to designing wet rooms to a standard size. Developers of luxury houses have been creating stunning wet rooms for their clients for many years and we felt it was about time that we catered for customers who wanted to create a bespoke wet room on an affordable budget. The Modular Wet-Floor system now enables a bespoke wet room to be an affordable luxury. When combined with our sister company Wetrooms UK’s installation service, complete with a unique 10 Year Guarantee, the Modular Wet-floor system has proven that wet rooms can now be installed and guaranteed at an extremely competitive price point.”

For full product specifications, CAD drawings and technical advice, visit the CCL Wetrooms website – or call 0844 327 6002.

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