The Occhio Hotel: IZB Residence campus at home

The design hotel ‘IZB Residence Campus at Home’ was officially inaugurated a few days ago: it is the first hotel to have been entirely equipped by Occhio.

The seven story building with its incisive design forms the striking centerpiece of the Martinsried Life Science Campus. The concept of a design campus residence with a faculty club which serves as a meeting place for scientists from the surrounding research facilities and their international guests is the first of its kind in the world. The tower was designed by Stark Architekten, Munich and is comprehensively lit by Occhio.

Unique Campus Hotel for leading international researchers

The concept of the IZB Residence is unparalleled: Since October 2014 the Campus Tower has housed scientists and business travelers from around the world. It forms the communicative focus of the Martinsried Campus and its special architecture ma- kes it an unmistakable landmark.

The solitary 27 meter-high building stands out above the monotony of the functional buildings on the campus, if only because of its height. An elegant seven-story building, whose glass front is embraced by white aluminum strips, rises from a tri- angular floor plan.

Inside the central theme is flowing space too: the diverse areas of usable space flow into each other on all stories. The lighting concept by Occhio pursues this prin- ciple of connection: architecture, interior design and lighting blend thanks to the comprehensive design.

Immediately in the reception area and restaurant on the ground floor the visitor expe- riences the skilled continuation of the dynamics of the facade in the interior: the dark suspended and decorative ceiling wells playfully mirror the curved design. They also assume the function of a chain, onto which the surface-mounted Più alto spotlights are threaded. The rhythmic arrangement of the spotlights and luminaires enables the targeted lighting of the individual zones and at the same time guides the visitor through the rooms.

The first guest: a newly nominated Nobel prizewinner

The guest rooms are on the 1st to 6th floors: six suites, twelve junior suites and 24 rooms, in which the diverse areas of usable space are seamlessly interconnected and equip- ped with universal lighting. The workplace is lit by a Sento tavolo table luminaire, the sitting area by a Sento lettura floor luminaire and the headboard by a Sento letto wall luminaire and a Sento filo suspended low – all in the latest LED technology with opti- mal ease of use.

In the corridors the walls shaped with Duna shape spotlights mark access to the ele- vator and help orient the guests. At the same time they form a symbolic tree trunk through the entire building, right up to the top story where the actual centerpiece of the building is to be found: the Faculty Club G2B (»Gateway to Biotech«), a 170 m2 club room with modern furnishings and a view of the Alps. It is meant to serve the more than 600 professors and some 100 managers and CEOs of the IZB on the cam- pus as a place of communication and for the interdisciplinary interlocking of people and their ideas. The first member of the G2B is Prof. Edvard Moser, the winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine 2014.

The open ground plan of the club which stretches across the entire story is divided into – sion, with high seating elements providing a private framework for gatherings. A separa- te private dining area is available for business meals. Duna shape spotlights trail across the ceiling – apparently randomly arranged, providing functional lighting for the diverse areas and echoing the principle of the melding of architecture and lighting.

The company Occhio

Occhio is one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the lighting sector. Founded in 1999 by Axel Meise, the company started out with a simple yet revolutionary concept: of creating a multifunctional lighting system with universal design and shape, which offers the optimal solution for every spatial requirement. Since then Occhio has continuously developed further and today is synonymous with combining highest quality of light, unique design and efficiency thanks to the use of innovative LED technologies. With its ‘smart source’ concept and a choice of halogen and LED the company offers the optimal light source for practically any application.

Occhio designs rooms with light in its own distinctive way, and customised to the client’s needs – in private and professional environments. The ‘occhio projects’ department – a team of experienced lighting planners and consultants – provides professional and competent support for the implementation of projects by architects, planners and trade partners.

Based in the heart of Munich, Occhio today has more than 70 employees. Upscale specialist lighting retailers and company stores in Munich and Cologne ensure sales throughout Europe. Outside of Europe Occhio is increasingly successful in markets like India, Australia and Russia.

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