Technology behind Europe’s biggest construction project

Since 2009 construction on London’s new Crossrail has been underway. The new project is set to increase public transport by 1.5 million, reducing congestion as well as creating a much more pleasurable train journey. Since the projects inception, a range of super machines have been used to make the Crossrail a reality.

Introducing Elizabeth, Victoria and Ellie to Name a Few
There have been eight TBMs (tunnel boring machines) used to create the initial tunnels for Crossrail by boring into the ground and excavating dirt and dust. These mega-machines were custom build, weighing 1,000 tonnes and have multiple functions; these amazing machines also lay concrete on the edges of the tunnel, also known as grouting (see below), completing their task and making the new tunnel train-ready.

Modular Conveyors
The TBMs place the removed dirt and dust onto a conveyor belt that transports it out of the tunnel. Easikit supplied numerous HD Plus conveyor systems to assist the project, offering heavy-duty conveyors – ideal for the materials moved from the tunnels. These conveyors come in a range of sizes and lengths depending on the tunnel you want to build; their modular construction allows projects like this to adjust the conveyor sizes based on which stage the project is at.

Easikit Modular Conveyors have been used on a number of tunnel construction sites including; Kings Cross extension and the Channel Tunnel, and are now being used in the Crossrail construction site. Once the unwanted dirt has been excavated, almost all of the broken down earth will be transported out of the tunnel and used in nature reserves.

The Staff
Although they are not considered machines in any shape or form, their tireless effort and dedication to the project deserves a space on this page. If it weren’t for over 10,000 team members preparing and maintaining the machines, while working throughout the site in a number of roles, the new Crossrail would not have been obtainable. This video shows man and machine working together to create grouting shafts that prevent earth settlement, protecting the tunnels, workers and soon; consumers.