Tarkett Wetroom concept extended with 73 new colours

With close to one million Wetrooms installed worldwide to date, Tarkett’s system has proved so popular that the manufacturer is responding to demand and extending its range.

Tarkett was the first European flooring manufacturer to offer a Wetroom concept, a complete and extensive system of floor and wall coverings, as well as accessories including drains, threshold strips and sleeves.

Now Tarkett is responding to market demands and introducing 73 new colours as well as an extended range of accessories.

John Devine, UK sales director at Tarkett, said: “The Wetroom concept has been hugely popular for a number of reasons. The design means that the areas have fewer joints, reducing the risk of infection spreading and making cleaning easier. They’ve also been designed to complement other existing Tarkett ranges that can be used in adjacent rooms, for a cohesive design scheme.

The Wetrooms’ floors and walls are hot welded to provide a durable, hardwearing and watertight finish. In addition, the flooring range includes Granit Multisafe which has class C slip resistance, the highest level on the market.

For these reasons it’s been particularly successful in healthcare, sports centres, student accommodation, collective housing and hospitality sectors.

In the new collections Granit Multisafe, Optima Multisafe and Granit Safe.T have all been updated with warm and vivid tones to coordinate with Aquarelle Wall HFS which has also been extended to include 4 different and vibrant patterns.

The accessories range now includes vertical drains, waterproof pipe collars, wall borders, welding rods, sleeve and threshold and transition strips in rubber and PVC, as well as many more.

John Devine said: “We’ve extended the range to better fit with the architectural trends that are currently in the marketplace.

“Traditionally designers of health and aged care facilities have preferred clinical and pastel colours. But the move now is to create more of a “at home” feel in the surroundings, so we’ve responded by increasing our range to include more warm, calming and bright colours, which better reflect a more homely feel.”

The new Tarkett Wetroom range is available for installation now.

For more information on Tarkett Wetroom visit www.tarkett.co.uk