Syglas Metalfix protects sea front railings

Hartlepool Borough Council were recently experiencing problems with corrosion of the sea front railings. Extending for approximately half a mile the railings were exhibiting signs of rusting within a few months of applying a coating system.

The Council called in Universal Coatings & Services Ltd of Port Clarence, Middlesbrough, who could see that the cause was due to sea water entering the steel work at the joints, where corrosion  took place with unsightly rust stains running down the upright bars.

To overcome this problem Universal Coatings & Services approached Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd for advice. After removing any loose coating and preparing the surface by hand, Universal Coatings applied Winn & Coales’ Sylglas Metalfix to seal  the joint areas prior to re-applying a protective coating.

Sylglas Metalfix is a non-rusting steel-reinforced two part epoxy putty that mixes to provide fast permanent repairs. For this application Metalfix was supplied in a special industrial pack size to provide the cost effective solution to this problem.