Summer shed revived to perfection

Osmo UK wood finishing products are a favourite among many, from DIY amateurs to professional craftsmen, and now, Horsham homeowner, Nicola Kefford.

After suffering a few complications with her garden shed, including joinery snags, gaps between the wood work and blown wood filler, DIY enthusiast, Nicola was introduced to Osmo’s External Sealer. Offering a high quality exterior seal made from eco-friendly products, Osmo provided Nicola with the ideal wood finish treatment to revive her beloved shed back to perfection.

“After spending more time in the garden, I began to notice a few gaps in between my shed’s wood panels and joints. The wood filler I applied previously was already starting to blow, making the shed’s aesthetics appear tatty and vulnerable to water leaks. I’m extremely passionate about environmentally friendly products and was recommended Osmo’s External Sealer. I was hugely impressed with the quick and easy method of application. After around 20-30 minutes, the sealant was completely dry with a clear sheen.”

Osmo Exterior Sealer is a siliconised, one part acrylic sealant which is colour-fast, UV resistant and water repellent. Thanks to the Osmo sealer application gun, the product is straightforward to apply and only requires one layer of application for full results. Once the product has dried, it can be sanded and finished.

“The final results were outstanding. The sealer filled, fixed and repaired the open splits and gaps, as well as sealing several joints where the wood had become damaged over time or where the previous sealer had blown. Thanks to the products clear sheen, I was able to apply a teal blue finish to achieve a brand new appearance. I would recommend Osmo Exterior Sealer to anyone who is looking to repair and maintain both finished and unfinished exterior wood joinery”, Nicola continues.

Osmo Exterior Sealer is the only sealer that performs successfully with Osmo wood finishes. Manufactured with eco-friendly plasto-elastic qualities, its siliconised and acrylic base is solvent free, offering a natural, environmentally friendly and safe finish.

After curing, Osmo Exterior Sealer forms a water tight plastic elastic sealant and has excellent adhesion to damp and absorbent substrates. Its range of beneficial qualities, as well as easy application, makes it a must have product for anyone looking to renovate exterior furniture.

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